The Job Interview

The story is set in victorian times. Our hero is a student in need of a job. He applies for the position of assistant to a rather strange professor. The interview is not going as expected. Should he have been suspicious when the professor asked if he likes adventure?

This is a very short point & click adventure game made for the Yaz Solo Jam. The theme for the jam was a shape (pretty cool idea). As jams go, the time was short and the game is a bit rough around the edges, but I hope you have fun!


leftclick - use, pick up, talk

rightclick - look at

inventory is at the bottom of the screen

no save function

playable in Englisch and German (both text only)


Engine:  Visionaire Studio 5



Gamedesign, graphics and dialogues: Esmeralda

The version 1.01 is the version releasead for the game jam. The version 1.02 was released after the jam has ended. I fixed some tiny bugs (particle effects for rain and fog not displaying) in this new version. The htlm-version is the newest version 1.02. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Point & Click

Install instructions

Download & extract the zip file

execute the file JobInterview_1.02.exe

play :-)


Download Jam Version 28 MB
Download 28 MB


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Deleted 157 days ago

This is strange... After clicking on "start" you should see the room and a dialog with the professor should start. (and did, when I tested just now)
Are you using the browser version? I know there were issues with some browsers, maybe if you try a different one?

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ok trying to do it now. thanks

i'm using opera gx. at the start and now trying different browser .. it now on flash browser (download browser) and it's working.. hurrah. thanks.. playing it now..

thanks goodness. i love when dr who appears from the tardis and give me yucky jellybabies.. i.likes this game very much and thankyou.. i know where the symbols safe ..comes from when the game that where i was looking at from another browser causing me problems.(opera gx). thanks and completed the game.. thank god.. now to another point n click adventure here i goes to play..  thanks.. 

Thank you for playing and your kind words! I'm glad you got the game to work. :-)

Cheers mate.. thanks for your reply...and i know it's a kind words... because i'm deaf and disabled person who is loving anyone adventures game online. Thanks again. hope you will make some more adventures games online.. pity i loves but now adobe flash players ended and makes me play  so i best prefer are no 1 games then the 2nd best. but are short point n click adventures, are longer and good logical and good graphics point n click adventures likes Pigsaw vs Youtubers e.t.c. best game of all >itch. io. are short and strange graphics. i wish there's some will help to be together to makes good point.n click adventures.. thanks..

I unlocked and clicked the cupboard but got nothing. Is this a bug?

Mh... no bug that I am aware of... Did you "look" at the open cupboard? The game has an interface where leftclick triggers an action like "pick up", "talk to" or "use" and the rightclick is for "look at".

I see, thank you for the quick reply!

"The game is a bit rough around the edges, but I hope you had fun".
Yes, I had.


Glad to hear that. ^^

That took longer than planned by my video is up. Spoilers galore since it's a playthrough. Lovely work in the jam. :) 

Thank you for bringing this game to life with your neat voiceacting! :-)

Regarding the buttons - I actually forgot to put one more number in the third sequence. There should be a "3" at the end of the sequence for "C", I fixed that in the newest versions. Glad you could solve it despite this mistake.

I'm glad you liked the voiceover, it's always fun to do even as as amateur. 

About the button puzzle, I was thinking there was something weird about it... I spent quite some time trying out different formulas but yeah, it worked out in the end. :)

There is no '"red light" or whatever when I push the button :(

That is strange... Have you already pushed once? Maybe you missed the red light? If you push a second time without having travelled anywhere else the red button does nothing. (and the hero says so) A telltale sign that shows if you've already travelled or not is the blackboard. If there are colors and things like "A-B" on the blackboard, you are where the red bulb transports you to.

nope, it definitely gets pushed... I reset the game a few times, too.

Damn, I never had this problem or heard of someone else having it. Are you using the download-version or the html-version? 

Do you think it would be possible to make a short video of this, so I might find out what went wrong?

I'm using the web version, and sure, I can make a video.

great game! But I just can't figure out how to get the paper in the bird. D:

Maybe there's a certain wooden.. teaching aid you can find... and combine it with something sticky... ;)

Thanks both of you for playing :-)

And what Cryptic Hybrid said.^^ (In the windows version you can hightlight the hotspots with pressing the spacebar. Sadly that does not work in the browser version. I'll have to find an other solution for that version)

I'll have a full playthrough posted tomorrow. I actually didn't know you can highlight hotspots. :)